Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa

Live. Work. Play. Stay.

Have you ever fantasized about travelling to paradise and working from the beach? If you are a digital nomad, bold entrepreneur, or able to operate your business entirely online, Barbados is giving you the opportunity to make this fantasy a reality with the launch of the 12 month Barbados Welcome Stamp.

What Is It?

The Barbados 12 Month Welcome stamp is a special visa that allows non-nationals to relocate to Barbados and work remotely.


Who Is Eligible?

Non-nationals who are employed in a country other than Barbados and who is tax-resident and employed by a company registered and operating outside of Barbados (not carrying on business in or from Barbados).


What Are The Benefits?

  • Live and work remotely in Barbados for up to 12 months
  • Freedom and flexibility to enter and leave the country at your own leisure.
  • Enjoy your global salary while enjoying our tropical paradise


How To Apply?

Applications for the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp must be completed electronically and submitted with the following documentation:

  • Scan of the biodata page of your passport and any other member of the family group over 18 years
  • Two passport size photographs (2 x2 inches)
  • Scans of your birth certificate (and those of your spouse/children)
  • Your income declaration certifying that you expect to earn an income of US$50,000/year or more.
  • Proof of relationship between the applicant to all members of the family group

The online application process is fast and efficient. Your application will begin to be processed within 2 days of receipt, and visa eligibility will be confirmed or denied within 5 working days. Once approved, the visa is issued for 12 months and the applicable fees become payable.


Application Fees

On the successful approval of an application, a non-refundable fee of US$2000 for individuals and US$3000 for families become due and full payment is required within 28 days.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the Barbados Welcome Stamp be revoked?

Yes. If an applicant is found to be in breach of the Immigration Act or has misrepresented themselves on the application or during the application process, their visa can be revoked.

Are income taxes payable by the holder?

No. Individuals residing in Barbados will be deemed as a non-resident and therefore will be exempt from income taxes.

Are there any restrictions for holders of a Welcome Stamp?

Yes. Individuals in possession of a welcome stamp are not allowed to engage in local employment; only remote work.

How long before approval?

Your application will begin processing within 48 hours of receiving a complete application.  A visa will be processed and confirmed or denied in 5 working days.
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Once you have decided to apply you will need to start thinking about where you want to stay.  Barbados offers a wide range of accommodation from budget-friendly studios to beachfront luxury condos and villas.  START YOUR SEARCH HERE or contact us today.


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