Living In Barbados Through The Eyes of A Welcome Stamp Resident

Living In Barbados Through The Eyes of A Welcome Stamp Resident

Welcome Stamp residents Steffen Hohne and Sandra Farrell are among the thousands of non-nationals who have taken up temporary residency in Barbados on the Barbados Welcome Stamp program, launched in June of 2020. Finding their home through our resident Relocation Services specialist, Giselle Duff, we decided to check in with them and ask them bout their experience on the island so far.  Here is what they had to say:


What attracted you to Barbados and the Welcome Stamp initiative?

After our initial plan to travel through South America got cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, we needed a back-up plan. We came across the Welcome Stamp Initiative through Facebook. It immediately seemed like the perfect Plan B for us; we were already working remotely, and the prospect of spending a year living by the beach, warm weather all year round and getting out of Europe was very inviting.


How did you hear about Barbados' Welcome Stamp?

We initially saw it on Facebook last July, and a couple of weeks later, it generally started popping up everywhere online.


Are you a first-time visitor?  What did you think of the island when you arrived?

This is the first-time visiting Barbados for both of us, so we didn’t have a certain picture or image personally of what to expect. What we noticed and loved first was how clean and colourful the island is and also how much greenery there is everywhere.


When did you arrive and how long have you been here?

We arrived on 8th January 2021 and have been here ever since.


How would you describe your experience so far?

As we spent quite long in quarantine and with the current lockdown, we unfortunately only have had two weeks (from mid-January to early February) to actually fully enjoy Barbados so far, which of course, is a shame. During those two weeks, we did, however, have some wonderful food, we saw some lovely beaches, went snorkelling with turtles and met amazing people.


What is your favourite thing about Barbados?

The food, the beaches, the sea, the turtles, the weather, and most of all the people (locals, tourists, fellow Welcome-Stampers; we’ve already met so many great people in the short time we’ve been here).


Would you recommend Barbados' Welcome Stamp to others? Why?

We would definitely recommend the Welcome Stamp to others. Barbados is an amazing island and has so much to offer. What advice would you give to others who are considering applying for the Welcome Stamp? As life in Barbados can be quite expensive (especially groceries), it’s important to be
sure that the necessary budget is available. Other than that: Do it!


What do you love the most about being in Barbados?

See all of the above.



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