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The Hon Mia A. Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, has issued an invitation for people around the world to work remotely from our island (obtaining an automatic passport stamp for a 12-month stay in the process), knowing that Barbados is in a unique position to attract a select group of business-minded people. This opportunity to work remotely has many gains: continuity of business; quality of life; safety; and a healthy environment.

While this idea may apply mainly to Millennials, there is also a familiar group of elite individuals who make Barbados their winter retreat every year and to whom this idea could appeal. These visitors have purchased homes, invested, given to local charities and employ a large number of Barbadians. Many even consider themselves locals; they chose to stay in Barbados, along with other holidaymakers, as the world navigated its way through the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, anchored to the Barbadian lifestyle.

Our Prime Minister’s invitation was not made casually. She has become known to the international news media as a Caribbean leader who is a forward thinker. Her appearance last week on Sky TV, followed by the BBC and other international media houses, caught the public’s attention.

The Altman Resettlement Team (ART) is working with a wide range of relocation specialists. The goal is to attract a wave of new entrepreneurs to complement our strong, supportive, established client base. Both of these groups see Barbados as the place to set up shop and reach the world, succeeding quietly whilst living a healthy lifestyle.

Barbados is ready. The University of the West Indies was recently named among the top 100 universities around the world by Times Higher Education; and Barbados’ Cave Hill Campus is well on its way to becoming a smart campus. A smart city is being developed in Warrens, along with new properties outfitted with smart technology and home offices. New and trendy office options are being introduced within the signature, mixed-use locations; allowing people to meet for coffee, shop, have a yoga lesson and even conduct business meetings in conference spaces.

While this is happening, Barbados is fast-tracking towards digitization; from our national identification cards to driver’s licences, tax filing and payment of bills online – we are already ahead of the curve. Behind the scenes, we have entrepreneurs who see Barbados as the central location to manage this new business. How about trading in securities digitally? We are working on it. How about paying for your rental or purchasing your new home using cryptocurrencies? We are taking that to the next level. Few people trade in Bitcoin and fewer people are taking the time to accept that this is the way of the future. However, many were sceptical when credit cards were introduced. Now, if you step into an Uber in any international city, you can pay with Apple Pay.

Barbados has slipped into this new digital world and we appreciate what it offers – efficiency and simplicity; Altman Real Estate has a team of professionals who will take care of the entire process once you make the decision to be our guest. We are:

  • Handling this pandemic efficiently;
  • Providing a fully serviced, well-connected business and lifestyle environment;
  • Preparing to ensure that you and your family enjoy a seamless experience - from your passport being stamped on arrival to settling into a fully furnished property already stocked with your choice of groceries, to setting up your office space so that you can start work immediately;
  • Offering a personal manager to facilitate all of your arrangements - from renting or buying a vehicle, to schooling, staffing, and bookings (restaurants, sports, or maybe a weekend in a neighbouring island).

So come on down at our Prime Minister’s invitation; just remember to bring your Bitcoin wallet.

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