Barbados In A Nutshell

Barbados In A Nutshell
Immerse yourself in our rich history and culture.
St. Nicholas Abbey 1658


Blessed with an ideal annual temperature range of 25-30 °C, refreshing breezes and a beautiful natural environment, Barbados has been held in high esteem as a health destination for hundreds of years. In more recent times, thanks to its numerous superb beaches, clean, clear blue sea and sublime swimming conditions, our island home has also earned itself top ranking as one of the world’s leading ‘sun, sea and sand’ destinations. However, what most distinguishes Barbados today, at a time when travellers are more discerning and inquisitive, is the unusually wide range of high-quality activities and memorable experiences that are readily available in a neatly compact and easily accessible package of just 166 square miles.

At the very heart of that appealing diversity is an incredibly rich national heritage that has been steadily evolving. Steeped in a fascinating history that could rival that of many much larger nations, modern Barbados offers a well-balanced blend that has drawn from the best of the past to deliver the best of now. From the architectural gems of chattel houses and centuries-old great houses to the ultimate state-of-the-art luxury villas; from delicious traditional Bajan food to sophisticated restaurants; from Barbadian Rum to the world’s finest wines; from Rihanna to Pavarotti; from serene full-moon picnics to pulsating parties and dancing on the sand … along with just about every land and water sport, you can think of … Barbados offers something for everyone.

Spending a vacation in Barbados is not just a visit to another country; it is an opportunity to experience life “Barbados style”. We invite you to enjoy our home as much as we do. If you really want to live like a Bajan, you should take up our Prime Minister’s offer and get a Barbados Welcome Stamp in your passport, allowing you to stay for 12 months or more.

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