Life Changing Benefits of Ocean Views

Life Changing Benefits of Ocean Views

Lapping waves, crisp sea air and warm sand between your toes are all key ingredients for the perfect vacation. You’ll return home rested and refreshed, attributing this change to the glorious holiday you had in Barbados. But perhaps there’s something you didn’t consider. Was your scenic view of the exquisite shoreline a factor in your revitalization?

Scientists have drawn a link between viewing blue spaces and improved mental health for years—beautiful seafront villas with views of the water help to reduce stress levels and increase longevity. So critical is the introduction of blue space to one’s surroundings that the Guardian Newspaper published notable findings in 2013, pointing to an improvement in mental well-being and physical health when people had access to ocean views. Researchers also reached out to health economists who suggested that there may also be cost benefits attached to this blue exposure in the form of reduced doctor visits, thereby improving a country’s productivity.

All of this leads us to suggest that it’s time to start planning your next vacation. Our Villa Rental Specialists are ready to assist you in finding the perfect accommodation. When making your selection, be sure to request a view of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.

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