Relocation! Relocation! Relocation!

Relocation! Relocation! Relocation!

What kind of lifestyle benefits would living in Barbados offer visitors who want to take advantage of the Welcome Stamp?

Most who have considered a holiday, a long stay, or even a purchase in Barbados are well aware of the island’s often-touted gold stars: the touristic trinity of “sea, sand and sun”. However, the real nuanced complexity of what truly makes these 166 square miles a remarkable place to call home – so much more than those three “S”-es – becomes apparent only when one has taken the time to peer beyond that superficial veil.

There is a warmth to the real Barbados that has nothing to do with our consistently balmy climate: the warmth of the people, the comfort of a politically stable society and an uplifting sense of community. Barbados has preserved small-town values while keeping pace with global advancement, continuing to hold its own on The United Nations Human Development Index, where it ranked 56th out of 189 countries and territories (first in the Caribbean) in 2019. Kindness is in the Barbadian DNA. It’s not uncommon to answer a knock at the door and be greeted by a bag full of fragrant mangoes or avocadoes from your neighbour’s too-plentiful tree, or coconut bread fresh out of the oven.

Speaking of local eats, from sizzling street food to five-star dining; Barbados runs the gamut masterfully, delighting palates from the world over. For the sporting set, the options are legion: international standard golf courses, an excellent aquatic facility with an Olympic-sized pool, sailing, shooting, game fishing, equestrian sports, motorsport…even archery. The Arts shine at local galleries and on stage, with even the youngest thespians honing their skills in groups like Operation Triple Threat. Wellness culture thrives here, with serene spas and retreats staffed by internationally certified therapists. Eco-enthusiasts can forest-bathe to their hearts’ content (what better way to social-distance?) at the Flower Forest or Coco Hill Forest, then peruse the earth’s bounty at one of the three weekly farmers’ markets. The charity-minded are not to be left out: there are myriad ways to become involved in giving back, such as the local chapter of the Variety Club, Rotary Club and Kiwanis, plus organizations championing animal rights, the environment, anti-poverty and more.

From a family perspective, those relocating long-term can be confident that Barbados provides a rich and multifaceted childhood experience to their children. The island is known for producing strong academic performers and innovators (did you know a Barbadian invented the world’s first internet search engine?). With excellent schooling plus a non-classroom education through historical sites and natural wonders to explore, children are sure to benefit from a well-rounded lifestyle. Peaceful coexistence is a value they will see actively modelled, through the conflict-free practice of many diverse faiths on the island.

Added to all of the above, a 2-to-1 BBD to USD ratio, direct flights from a multiplicity of locations, and a local banking sector that has fully made the transition to the online realm add to the beneficial lifestyle elements offered in Barbados.

What are the key benefits for a remote worker in Barbados?

Productivity and wellness are positively correlated, and it has become more or less an accepted fact that quality work simply cannot be produced by an unwell, uninspired workforce. The above lifestyle benefits make for a satisfying work-life balance for the remote worker.

Aside from this, there is a more practical concern of connectivity. Well supported telecommunications permit work to continue as normal. Domestic internet (not usually included in monthly rental rates) is available from USD 45 monthly, with “superfast fibre” broadband internet of 600Mbps download speed and 175 Mbps upload speed from approximately USD 128 monthly.

Those who choose to embark on a year of remote work in Barbados can do so with the peace of mind that, through its deft handling of this most recent public health threat, Barbados successfully reached a zero-case declaration in June, with fewer than 10 new cases (all imported) since. With vigilant testing protocols in place, the island is prepared to ably manage this crisis going forward.

Finally, for foreign remote workers, there is great scope for forming new connections and collaborating with local professionals. Barbados is an enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and there could be many points of intersection among the “newly transplanted” and Barbadian businesses, leading to mutually beneficial new alliances.

Tell us how you can help people seeking to obtain their welcome stamp.

An excellent place to begin is which lays the criteria and requisite application steps out in a clear, easy-to-navigate format. A few clicks and uploads of your valid scanned documents and your online application is submitted for processing!

Where our value-add begins is the support which the ART (Altman Relocation Team) provides throughout and beyond the property hunt. Simply moving house is considered to be one of the top 5 most stressful life events. This is magnified when moving your life to an entirely new country! We know this process can sometimes be daunting, which is why we’ve leveraged our network to create a suite of relocation services. We can assist in connecting you with a reliable freighting company/movers, legal professionals, transportation solutions and more. We are in the process of building out a program akin to a long-stay concierge service; all to ensure as smooth and hassle-free a transition as possible. If you are considering this exciting program, don’t hesitate to ask your ART agent for helpful, tailored pointers to ease your integration into your new Barbados lifestyle.

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