Spend A Year In Barbados

Spend A Year In Barbados

As the island’s borders reopen in mid-July, many have set their sights on travelling to Barbados. And why wouldn’t they? The management COVID-19 has been so effective within the country. As word spreads of locals experiencing freedom and peace of mind that continues to evade other countries battling the virus, the gem of the Caribbean has found itself becoming more irresistible to travellers.

In fact, this irresistibility has resulted in an increased demand by visitors to be able to stay longer in Barbados. Aware of the increase in the number of persons working from home and recognizing the reliable, technological infrastructure on the island, the government of Barbados has shrewdly launched the Barbados Welcome Stamp initiative that will see visitors being permitted to stay and work remotely in Barbados for up to a year, giving new meaning to the term “work from home”.

What will you need to travel to Barbados? For full details on travel protocols, please visit Here you’ll find comprehensive information aimed at ensuring the safety of both locals and visitors, whilst maintaining the current carefree vibe that is flourishing on the island during this pandemic.

For those interested in becoming a long stay visitor, this is an exciting time and one the Altman team would love to be a part! Contact one of our representatives so they can help you find your home away from home in Barbados.

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